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Watch Billy Crystal Discuss Why He's Returning to Television

Playing Watch Billy Crystal Discuss Why He's Returning to Television

Billy Crystal is returning to television with the new FX series The Comedians, which premieres on April 9.

The show, which stars Crystal as a veteran comic who is paired with a younger comedian played by Josh Gad, for a late-night sketch show.

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INSIDE EDITION was at the show’s premiere and spoke to the actors about their new series. For Gad, it is a dream come true to work with Crystal.

He said, “Coming to work every day is a master class. I get to work with the best there is, that is the greatest part of this entire experience.”

Crystal, who got his big break in television on the 70's sitcom Soap, is returning to the small screen. In the past, he was a guest star on shows like Friends, Fraiser, and Sesame Street or a supporting cast member like he was in Saturday Night Live. This time he is coming back as the lead in his own scripted series.

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When asked why he returned to TV, his answer was simple, “What brought me back was great material and the chance to do something really fun and put myself into it.” He continued, “The best writing, the best performing is not in the movies anymore. It is on television.”

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