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Dashcam Catches Delaware Cops Singing Hilarious Duets

Playing Dashcam Catches Delaware Cops Singing Hilarious Duets

Delaware police officer Jeff Davis who made a splash with his dash cam lip sync rendition of Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' is back and, this time, he's got a partner.

Watch: Cop Caught Singing Taylor Swift Shows Us How It's Done.

The new video, released by the Dover, Delaware, Police Department shows Davis picking up Demetrius 'Meat' Stevenson. The two quickly break out into song, and it's all caught on dash cam.

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They cover some of pop music's biggest hits, like 'Fancy' by Iggy Azalea and 'Rude' by Magic. Driving along singing, bobbing their heads to the music and enjoying the ride.

This is one police beat everyone is getting down to.

Watch the incredible video below of a teen helping a cop in hit and run, and it's her father!

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