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David Beckham Furious at Heckling Galaxy Fan

David Beckham got into an angry face-off with a taunting fan.

The international idol struggled to contain his temper as he confronted a fan who heckled him as he entered the players' tunnel after a game.

The faceoff happened after Beckham's team, LA Galaxy, lost 2-0 to the New York Red Bulls.

As Beckham headed to the tunnel at the end of the game, the fan yelled, "Stop with the prostitutes!"

The taunt referred to a disputed magazine report that Beckham cheated on his wife, Victoria, with a hooker. The soccer star angrily denies the woman's claim, and is suing the magazine that printed the article for libel.

Hearing the insult, a furious Beckham did an about-face. He angrily strode over to confront the fan, who was actually a Galaxy supporter.

"Say it again," he said. "Say it again."

"You've got a Galaxy shirt on," he noted furiously.
Beckham went to leave, but turned once more to address the fan.

"Say it to my face!"

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