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Neil Patrick Harris Backs Off From Harsh Criticism of Another Actor

Neil Patrick Harris lashes out on Twitter, actually calling another actor a "d-bag!"

The How I Met Your Mother star was spitting mad because veteran soap star, Eric Braeden canceled a guest appearance on the show.

"Eric Braeden is a d-bag," Harris tweeted. "The actor...agreed to a cameo, then last night bailed, saying the part wasn't 'substantial' enough."

But Braeden, who has appeared on The Young and the Restless for 30 years, wasn't pulling a star trip. The 69-year-old was recovering from hip replacement surgery and didn't want to travel from New York to Los Angeles for a few lines.

He struck back, saying Harris is "like a young whippersnapper, who's received a few awards, is now suddenly suffering from the first signs of hubris." (Source:

And Harris backed off, tweeting, "Now I feel bad for the d-bag comment. Don't know the guy personally. I'm just fiercely protective of our show."


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