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Angelina Reconciles with Father

They've reconciled! Angelina Jolie and her dad, Oscar®-winner Jon Voight, were seen boarding a boat in Venice. Brad Pitt and four of their kids joined them. Pitt reportedly played peacemaker, bringing Jolie and her father together again after 9 years of estrangement.

Jolie stopped talking to her father in 2001 after he told an interviewer his daughter had "serious mental problems."

Now the father/daughter rift is apparently repaired, and Voight finally has the chance to get to know his grandkids.

The photos taken in Venice also revealed something else about Jolie. There's a bump just below her earlobe and it's fueling speculation the 34-year-old actress had a minimally invasive procedure called "the ribbon facelift," which tightens the skin on the neck.

Madonna is also rumored to have had it a year ago.

The ribbon used in the facelift is a quarter of an inch wide and about six inches long. It’s inserted near the ear and pulls the neck tissue up. The strip dissolves after 12 months.

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