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Marine Invites Betty White to the Ball

Betty White is the latest celebrity to get an invite to a Marine Corps Ball.

Sgt. Ray Lewis, a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq, showed off his athletic prowess before changing into his dress uniform to make his plea on YouTube.

"I would like to take Betty White. She's sweet, she's mature, she's the all-around perfect woman…Call me!" he said in the video.

There has been no response yet from Betty White, but those other star invitees, Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake, confirmed their dates on the Today show.  

Timberlake said, "I got an invitation to a completely different ball."

"It's two separate balls," Kunis explained.

"Apparently, there's multiple balls," Timberlake added.

Timberlake said they both wanted to pay honor to their country.

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