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Kim Kardashian's Former Publicist Threatens Suicide

Did Kim Kardashian drive her former publicist to threaten suicide?

"I feel like going to a better place," an anguished Jonathan Jaxson reportedly tweeted. He accused the Kardashians of "...trying to destroy my life and I won't ever win."

Jaxson was once in Kim's inner circle. But during the furor over her 72-day marriage, he came forward to say her relationship with Kris Humphries had always been a sham.

Jaxson also appeared on INSIDE EDITION two weeks ago saying he had once staged a phony engagement between the image-obsessed Kim and football star Reggie Bush.

"We staged so many things. It's not uncommon for us. You know, when I was working with Kim we staged her engagement that was alleged to Reggie Bush," Jaxson told INSIDE EDITION.

The reality star went after Jaxson, hiring a high-powered lawyer to file a lawsuit against him and the pressure seems to have gotten to Jaxson.

He sent these desperate tweets on Wednesday night:

"It is too much anymore and tonight I was bullied"

"It is me against money and elite and I will never ever ever win...This is no hacker...It is me."

One of Jaxson's Twitter followers apparently called 911, because someone identifying themself as Jaxson's b-f-f tweeted: "Thank you for getting the police to his house...Medical personal (sic) are here and are taking him now."

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