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Does New Movie Lift the Lid Off Scientology?

The movie that's expected to be the most controversial movie of the year is called The Master, starring Joaquin Phoenix, and it's said to lift the lid off the Church of Scientology.

Oscar® winner Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a character said to be based on Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, and Hoffman bears a striking resemblance to the founder.

The movie is so controversial, the world's best-known Scientologist, Tom Cruise was reportedly recently given a top secret private screening, reports

Brent Lang from told INSIDE EDITION, "According to sources, Tom Cruise did say that he has some concerns with the film."

There are also plans to give that other leading Scientologist, John Travolta, a private screening.

The Master was actually written and directed by Tom Cruise's friend, Paul Thomas Anderson, who directed Cruise in Magnolia.

In The Master, Joaquin Phoenix plays a drifter who joins a religious cult.

It's the first major movie for Joaquin Phoenix since his bizarre appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman back in 2009 where he appeared in dark sunglasses and said very little.


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