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Did Justin Bieber Punk His Fans About His Stolen Laptop?

Was Justin Bieber's claim that his laptop was stolen really just a hoax to plug his new music video?

That's the question now swirling.  

The drama started late last week when Bieber filed a complaint with police that his computer had been stolen during a show in Tacoma, Washington.

The apparent theft made big news.

Within hours, an unknown person posted an anonymous tweet suggesting he had Bieber's computer, and was threatening to release an embarrassing video. Trouble is, when you click on the so-called “thief's” link, it takes you to the official video for Bieber's new song with Nicki Minaj.

Now, the internet is buzzing with charges that the theft was a total scam.

"So pathetic, trying to create publicity," said one fan.

Another said, "he totally owes Tacoma a huge apology.”

Bieber's spokesman continues to insist the initial report that the laptop had been stolen was legit.

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