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The View Takes Over Disneyland

INSIDE EDITION was behind the scenes as Whoopi and the ladies from The View broadcasted from the happiest place on earth.

Amazingly Whoopi, who has a terrible fear of flying, was more scared about flying out to Southern California then getting on the wild rides. Whoopi told INSIDE EDITION, "Roller coasters don't bother me. It's the planes that are 250 million feet up that I'm not crazy about."

Sherri Shepherd took her husband on the Tower of Terror and nearly lost her wig. "If you wear wigs you have to pin them on cause they want to come off. I think it separated from my head for a minute," said Shepherd.

And get this, it was Barbara Walters' first time ever at Disneyland. She even wore Mickey Mouse ears!

"I've loved the rides, even the ones I'm scared of. I feel five years old. I just wish I had brought a five-year-old with me," said Walters.      

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