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Boy Has Adorable Meltdown After Stepping in Dog Poo

Playing Boy Has Adorable Meltdown After Stepping in Dog Poo

Three-year-old Nash stepped in some dog poo in his backyard and had quite the reaction.

In the video by ViralHog, the little boy began screaming and was not comfortable that his foot went into the excrement. He was shouting, “I need paper towels!”

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Nash's mom, Mikki, tells INSIDE EDITION that when they heard their son screaming they knew he wasn't hurt and thought it was hysterical that he was freaking out over getting dog poo on his foot. 

Mikki says her son has always had issues with texture so it wasn't a surprise that he reacted this way.

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After they stopped recording she says they hosed him off and had fun playing in the water, although we can't say that we blame Nash for reacting that way.

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