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Ninja-Clad Teens Try to Rob a Store With a Machete... Until The Cashier Pulls Out a Sword

Two teens who dressed as ninjas to rob a convenience store with a machete got more than they bargained for when they were chased away by a sword-wielding cashier on Friday night. 

While it may sound like a story straight out of a Hollywood script, the two Pittsburgh teens were forced to face the invonvenient truth - as well as the man behind the counter, Jewad Hayih.

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Surveillance footage shows the moment the teenagers tried to rob The Perry Market - unsuccessfully.

When the two men charged at him with machetes, he pulled out a much larger sword from behind the counter.

Hayih used the sword to knock the machete out of one teen’s hand and a customer grabbed the second suspect in the action. He broke away and both teens ran away.

“I use this one when I see him with the sword, to make him afraid,” Hayih told CBS Pittsburgh

Hayih also keeps a gun in the store and told CBS Pittsburgh that the ninjas could have been shot.

Police say the suspect who went behind the counter wore a red ski cap with a white stripe and black shirt and pants. The other suspect is described wearing a hooded sweatshirt and black pants and is about six feet tall and 160 pounds.

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The suspects remain at large.

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