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Teacher Meltdown Caught on Camera

A math teacher loses it, as shocked students run for cover. The bizarre incident happened at a high school in Nashville, and was captured by a student's cell phone camera.

It starts with the teacher, Donald Wood, standing in front of his 11th grade algebra class. Then, Wood started yelling, "Shut up! Shut up!"

In the video, you can hear a group of students laughing as he tells them to keep it down.

That's when Wood has a complete meltdown. Wood knocks over tables and throws trash cans as he continues his bizarre rant.
Wood: "Do you know who started the fire in this school?"
Wood: "No. Me!"

Freaked out students fled the classroom.

School officials sent a notice to families saying the teacher had suffered a nervous breakdown and has been placed on administrative leave, pending further investigation.

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