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Comic Posts Domestic Violence Pictures: 'I Don't Want Revenge, I Want Other Women to Avoid This'

Playing Comic Posts Domestic Violence Pictures: 'I Don't Want Revenge, I Want Other Women to Avoid This'

Shocking photos of large black and blue bruises covering a woman's legs and arm were posted by comedienne Beth Stelling, who took to Instagram saying she was in an abusive relationship.

The 29-year-old comic opened up about the abuse she says she suffered at the hands of her ex-boyfriend.

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“When I broke up with my ex this Summer, it wasn't because I didn't love him, it was because of this,” she wrote on Instagram.

Stelling didn't name names and only wrote that her ex is also a comedian who lives in Los Angeles.

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“It's embarrassing. I feel stupid. After being verbally, physically abused and raped, I dated him for two more months. It's not simple,” she wrote.


My original post was too long so I put the final paragraph after the ellipses in the comments section not realizing that so many would be reached. Here is my last paragraph ^ I am experiencing a massive amount of love and support for which I am grateful to you all.

A photo posted by Beth Stelling (@bethstelling) on Dec 29, 2015 at 12:04am PST

She goes on to explain why she chose to share her personal story of survival on social media.

She wrote: “I didn't want to hurt him, start a war, press charges... I don't want revenge... I won't keep it a secret any longer so that a future woman has a fair chance of avoiding it.”

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