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Sunbather Thwarts Cobra's Attack Or Does She?

Playing Sunbather Thwarts Cobra's Attack Or Does She?

An amazing moment was caught on tape as a sunbathing woman apparently confronted a deadly cobra that was about to attack.

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The heart-stopping attack took place in South Africa and amazed viewers around the world. Alas, it apparently is a hoax.

Citizen sleuths spotted what looks like the shadow of a guy with a fishing rod. The cobra seems to be attached to the line as it makes its way to the woman.

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INSIDE EDITION showed the video to reptile expert Tom Hudak who said: "The snake was moving far too fast. It was moving in a straight line. Snakes such as cobras move in kind of an 'S' shape. Cobras would never move in a straight line and they are incapable of those speeds." 

In the video, she throws it away. The snake looked dead and landed with a thud. 

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