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17 Miners Are Rescued 10 Hours After Getting Stuck in Elevator 800 Feet Underground

A crane, pictured, is on the scene to pull the miners to safety. (Ithaca Fire Department) A crane, pictured, is on the scene to pull the miners to safety. (Ithaca Fire Department)

Seventeen miners who became trapped 800 feet underground at a salt mine in central New York have been rescued.

The workers were in an elevator at a Cargill rock salt mine near Lansing, New York when it got stuck around 10.20 p.m. Wednesday, officials said.

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On Thursday morning, after nearly 10 hours in the elevator, the miners were successfully brought to the surface, the Ithaca Fire Department said.

"At 8:30 am, the last of 17 miners were rescued from a shaft 800 feet down at the Cargill salt mine," they wrote on Facebook. "This brought to an end a rescue that lasted 10 hours, in frigid temperatures that brought over 15 agencies together to bring the men up safely."

The post added: "A positive outcome to one of the most difficult rescues in recent memory!"



It is not yet clear what led to the workers getting stuck. They were descending to the floor of the mine, which is 2,300-foot-deep, when the elevator stopped, CNN reported.

Emergency workers were able to make contact with them via radio, and no one seemed to be hurt, Jessica Verfuss, the emergency department's assistant director, told the Associated Press.

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Crews also provided heat packs and blankets to the miners, she added.

The mine processes salt that is used to treat roads across the northeast.

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