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Pizza Delivery Guy Who Won $1.2 Million Lottery Ticket Was Down to His Last $100

Playing Pizza Delivery Guy Who Won $1.2 Million Lottery Ticket Was Down to His Last $100

A 31-year-old Pizza Hut pizza delivery man was seen jumping for joy after winning $1.2 million in a lotto scratch off.

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Joseph Carrillo was captured on surveillance video inside a California liquor store. He smiled from ear to ear, hugging, high-fiving and celebrating with total strangers. He even broke into a sweat.

"I still don't believe it. It changed my life. You invest a $6 scratch off and end up winning $1.2 million ... My reaction was I thought it was a joke, someone was playing with me. It was crazy," he told INSIDE EDITION.

The money came just in the nick of time. He had just $100 to his name.

He was in the middle of moving from his apartment when he stopped inside the liquor store and bought a lotto scratch off. 

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Despite his new fortune, he is not going to quit his job.

One of his coworkers, Megan, told IE: "I thought it was a lie, I was ecstatic. It couldn't have happened to a better person. I told him to stay humble."

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