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Watch Former Microsoft CEO Land Incredible Dunk

Playing Watch Former Microsoft CEO Land Incredible Dunk

Former Microsoft CEO and current Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer showed off his impressive dunking skills.

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It happened during the halftime of the Clippers / Brooklyn Nets game on Monday night.

Ballmer, who is known for his energetic and carefree attitude in the stands brought that to the court as he used a trampoline to dunk like Clippers stars Blake Griffin and Chris Paul.

The crowd roared as he made the dunk. 

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Clippers head coach Doc Rivers told ESPN: "I was worried about him. I know he was working on it. He's a brilliant guy, and when he told me he was doing it, I had to question it."

Also at the game, Ballmer introduced the Clippers new mascot, "Chuck the Condor" who's got quite a dunk himself.

The Condor is the official California state bird and was the team's first mascot in almost 32 years. 

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