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Whoopi Goldberg Asks Ben Carson Why He's Endorsing Trump: 'He's a Racist'

Playing Whoopi Goldberg Asks Ben Carson Why He's Endorsing Trump: 'He's a Racist'

The women of "The View" took Ben Carson to task Thursday for endorsing big-mouthed billionaire Donald Trump.

"You're Ben Carson," said an incredulous Whoopi Goldberg. "Why would you align yourself with that?"

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"I was going to remain neutral, but then I realized that the political establishment was aligning to protect their turf, and they don't like the idea of people who are not beholden to them and cannot be controlled coming into Washington, D.C.," said the retired surgeon and former GOP presidential candidate.

But what about Trump's statements bashing women and Mexicans?

"There is no perfect person," he said.

Carson also said Trump's children are another reason he now supports the hotel magnate, saying they have been "raised very well" and are "very respectful."

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Goldberg, who frequently shook her head during Carson's remarks, apparently had enough.

'This guy is - I'm sorry, he's a racist and he's not good for the country. I don't understand. You're Ben Carson. You're so much better than this."

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