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Authorities Burn Down "Bomb" House

Flames leap into the air as a so-called "bomb" house is deliberately burned down by authorities.

The house, in a quiet neighborhood in Escondido, California, was intentionally destroyed in a controlled fire because it was too unsafe for police to remove explosive chemicals found inside.

Neighbors were evacuated and Interstate 15 was shut down as a safety precaution.

The photos above show what police found inside the bomb factory. Explosive material, sometimes used by terrorists, everywhere you look.

Police say there were bombs packed with lethal metal shrapnel. And a cluttered workbench had a mold to make grenades.

Prosecutors say the bomb factory contained the largest amount of homemade explosives ever found in the U.S.

So who lived in the house? Authorities say it was a Serbian-born former computer programmer who has pleaded not guilty to making destructive devices.


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