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Heartbreaking Video Shows Lonely Dog That's Forced To Live Outside

Playing Heartbreaking Video Shows Lonely Dog That's Forced To Live Outside

Actor Justin Long provides the voice for "Charlie," a mistreated dog forced to live outside every day of its life, in a new public service announcement from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

It is not easy to watch.

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Poor Charlie is penned in a cramped, muddy backyard by a cruel owner who emerges with food and is seen hitting the dog on its snout.

The footage is real, taken by a concerned neighbor who noticed the animal was always outside, whether it was cold or raining, the organization said.

All Charlie wants is to be allowed inside, where his master is seen playing with another dog that, for whatever reason, is treated with love and kindness.

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Charlie can be seen peering into a window, watching the two play.

The dog is one of many left "out of sight, out of mind" by careless owners, PETA said. 

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