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Is This The Best Boss Ever? CEO Surprises His Employees With Free Weddings

Playing Is This The Best Boss Ever? CEO Surprises His Employees With Free Weddings

The CEO of an online grocery ordering service is once again delivering the goods, telling his employees that they are getting something big for their hard work – a free wedding.

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When Boxed CEO Chieh Huang rallied his troops together in their Edison, New Jersey, warehouse, the 34-year-old boss pulled one of his employees, Marcel, aside and spoke about a personal hardship he was going through.

Marcel has been working double shifts for seven days a week to pay for his upcoming wedding. Marcel is struggling to do this because his mother has fallen ill and wants to do whatever he can to ensure she is there for his big day.

When Huang heard the news, he got emotional telling the staff he will be paying for Marcel’s wedding.

Huang also told the staff that the company will be paying for their weddings in the future as well.

He looks at his staff as family and said: "We can't wait to be there to crash your wedding." 

Huang is no stranger to financial goodwill to his employees.

Last year, Huang announced to his crew that he will start paying for his employees’ children’s college tuition.

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The CEO said he wanted to do this because he and his sister grew up poor and that it is a barrier for many.

“Education broke that poverty cycle for my family,” he told the Epoch Times. “If children don’t have access to education, it will be a perpetual cycle.”

The company has warehouses in New Jersey, Atlanta, Las Vegas, New York City and San Mateo.

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