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Peek-a-Boo! Tree Kangaroo Joey Peers Out of Mother's Pouch for the First Time

Playing Peek-a-Boo! Tree Kangaroo Joey Peers Out of Mother's Pouch for the First Time

After growing in the safety of his mom's pouch for the last six months, this little joey is starting to peek out and explore the world.

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Mian, the baby tree kangaroo, is the latest addition to the Perth Zoo.

"He's getting more and more adventurous day by day," a zoo representative said in a press conference. "His mother is giving him a little more free reign but she's still piling him back in her pouch if he goes too far."

According to Network Ten, Mian  who was named a province in its species' native Papua New Guinea — was the size of a jelly bean when he was born.

When he turned four days old, keepers studied his development inside his mother's pouch using a camera.

He joins only 14 other male tree kangaroos in a world wide breeding program in an attempt to save the species from extinction due to loss of habitat and hunting.

"He is going to be an incredibly valuable addition to that breeding program," the representative said. "We are trying to get an estimation of how many there are in the wild, so we can look after them and conserve them better."

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Huli, the father kangaroo from Queensland, will now be mated with another female with hopes of starting a tree kangaroo baby boom at the Perth Zoo, Network Ten reported.

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