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Teena Marie's Daughter's Heartbreaking 911 Call

The heartbreaking 911 call made by the daughter of R&B legend Teena Marie has just been released. Alia Rose found her mother's body at the singer's home in Pasadena on December 26th.

Alia Rose: "Her color's gone."
911 Operator: "Does she feel cold to the touch?"
Alia Rose: "Yes, she's cold."

Originally signed by Motown in the '70s, Teena Marie was famous for hits like "I'm Just a Sucker For Your Love."

911 Operator: "Do you want to try and do CPR?"
Alia Rose: "I don't know!"
911 Operator: "I can guide you but I'm going to need you to ..."
Alia Rose: "I'm scared, I'm so scared, help me."
911 Operator: "Does she feel stiff?"
Alia Rose: "Yes. I can't move her. I don't even want to turn her over. I'm terrified."

But the 54-year-old singer was dead. It's believed she died from natural causes.

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