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Woman Gets Harassed for Wearing Skimpy Dress to Wedding

Playing Woman Gets Harassed for Wearing Skimpy Dress to Wedding

A woman has been subjected to harassment after wearing an extremely tight-fitting number to a wedding.

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Fitness coach Liz Krueger, 31, recently wore the skin-tight, peach mini-dress to a wedding in Minneapolis, where she feels it may have been viewed as a little too risque.

“Maybe I shocked a few people in the Midwest,” she told Inside Edition. “I turned to look and there was a small group of women, like, laughing."

After the wedding, she posted a photo on Instagram of her outfit. That's when the  shaming went public.

"That dress screams, 'Look at me,'" one commenter said.

"The biggest no-no," said another.

Yet another posted: "It'd be like a guy showing up to a wedding in a Speedo!" 

Krueger was dumbfounded by the commentary.

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"It was very shocking to me," she said. "I'm not used to that negative feedback," she said.

But others were opposed to the head-turning frock, with one supporter saying: "If you have a body like that — you absolutely should wear a dress like that! Good for you!” 

Lauren Kay of told Inside Edition that an outfit that won't pull attention away from the bride is usually best. "As a guest, you want to fly under the radar," Kay said.

But Krueger disagrees.

"There are people out there who say, ‘This is not a respectful thing to wear to a wedding because it sort of detracts from the bride and the event,” she said. "I wasn't there to upstage the bride. I think she looked beautiful and the attention was on her."

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