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Top Cop's Anguish: Dallas Police Chief's Own Son Was a Cop Killer Who Died in Shootout

Playing Top Cop's Anguish: Dallas Police Chief's Own Son Was a Cop Killer Who Died in Shootout

Dallas Police Chief David Brown is winning praise across America for his leadership at a time of crisis, but his cool handling of the city's crisis masks a deep personal anguish.

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Just seven weeks after Brown became chief in 2010, his son, David Jr. committed a heinous crime, killing a police officer, as well as another man.

David Brown, Jr. was high on PCP when he shot a total stranger dead, according to reports.

In a call to 911, a witness said: "Somebody got shot. This girl is screaming out here. She says somebody shot her boyfriend. He's got a rifle and he's moving real slow."

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When a police officer responded to investigate the report, he was shot dead as well. Minutes later, more officer responded. The 27-year-old Brown was killed in a resulting shootout.

At the time, the police chief released a statement: "This hurts so deeply I cannot adequately express the sadness I feel in my heart."

On Tuesday, Chief Brown introduced President Obama at Tuesday’s memorial service for the five slain police officers who were shot and killed by a sniper last week during a Black Lives Matter protest.

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