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102-Year-Old Woman Born Before Female Suffrage Pledges Delegates to Hillary Clinton

Playing 102-Year-Old Woman Born Before Female Suffrage Pledges Delegates to Hillary Clinton

A woman born before her own mother could vote was able to help Hillary Clinton officially clinch the historic nomination on Tuesday.

At 102 years old, Jerry Emmett pledged 51 of Arizona's delegates to the the first woman to ever win a major party's nomination for president of the United States.

The oldest delegate at the DNC, Emmett was born six years before women's suffrage.

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To honor Emmett, DNC officials in her home state appointed the former educator to serve as an honorary delegate at the convention in Philadelphia, a spokesman told the Associated Press.

"51 votes for the next president of the United States of America, Hillary Rodham Clinton," Emmett said proudly as she waved to the crowd. 

"I'm 102. My whole life, I keep asking God, let me have one more chance—if you let me go to the convention [to see the first woman be nominated for president], I'll go home to heaven without making a little fuss. And when I called one of my former students and I told them that, she said, 'oh no you won't—I've already ordered your dress to go to the inauguration.'" —Jerry, 102, Arizona, Hillary's oldest delegate at the Democratic National Convention #DemsInPhilly

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Her moment in the spotlight was a culmination of years of dedication to Arizona's Democratic party.

Emmett even started a fan club for Hillary Clinton back when she was First Lady.

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And for someone who remembers seeing her mother vote for the first time for Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Emmett still heaps high praise on the newly minted nominee.

"Some day Hillary Clinton will be Woman of the World just like Eleanor Roosevelt," she told KPHO.

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