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Samson the Giant Cat Takes 'Walks' in Stroller: 'You Cannot Be Serious!'

Playing Samson the Giant Cat Takes 'Walks' in Stroller: 'You Cannot Be Serious!'

Perhaps the only thing more ridiculous than Samson's size is how he gets around.

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The giant feline lives in Brooklyn, New York, with owner Jonathan Zurbel, who makes sure his 28-pound, 4-foot-long Maine Coon cat gets five-star treatment.

Zerbul pushes the large feline around in a stroller and even has a personal groomer.

“He's just huge and also he's so soft and cuddly,” Zurbel told Inside Edition. “He has a personal groomer and stylist. Now, she comes a couple of times a week.”

As Zurbel recently pushed Samson around in a stroller, one passerby said: “You cannot be serious!”

Zurbel told the woman, who was pushing a stroller with a child, "I am [serious]. It is my cat."

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The passerby then called him, "cuckoo." 

Zurbel intends to only gives his pet, which could be the world’s largest feline, the very best.

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