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Audience Member Kenneth Bone Steals Presidential Debate With Snuggly Red Pullover

Playing Audience Member Kenneth Bone Steals Presidential Debate With Snuggly Red Pullover

An undecided voter who asked an earnest question at the presidential debate on Sunday night has become an overnight sensation.

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Dressed in a humble red pullover, Bone asked a question about energy – but before he even finished, social media users were going crazy over his appearance.

In a multitude of memes, some compared him to Big Al, a character from Toy Story 2.

“Ken Bone IMMEDIATELY contacted after #debate to star in a live-action remake of Toy Story 2,” wrote one Twitter user.

Another user even put together a Ken Bone Halloween costume, complete with moustache, black glasses and red pullover.

And a third user said he was “BAD TO THE KEN BONE.”

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Bone also got lots of attention for pulling out a disposable camera during the debate to snap a couple of shots of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. He even got to shake hands with President Bill Clinton after the debate.

In some other bizarre moments during the debate, a fly landed on Hillary Clinton's face.

She was mid-sentence when the black fly made its landing right between her eyes. Undeterred, Clinton continued with what she was saying.

A swarm of memes hit the web, with social media users joking that she was actually a robot form the TV series, Westworld.

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