Dinners and Losers: How to Keep the Peace at the Thanksgiving Table After Divisive Election

Many Americas fear Thanksgiving could end up in a family altercation or argument because of politics.

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After the most divisive presidential election in modern times, many Americans are actually revising their Thanksgiving dinner plans.

LeighAnne O’Connor’s family had been looking forward to spending time with her dad from North Carolina with her family in New York, but he's decided to stay home.

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“My brother is more liberal,” she told Inside Edition. “My father and sister supported Trump. I think in time we will be able to come together in the same room, just not now.”

Family therapist Dr. Wendy Walsh has a few suggestions for families that are toughing it out.

"Don’t skip the Thanksgiving meal; find something in common with each other, Dr. Walsh told Inside Edition. "You have lots in common. If you want to bond with them, find a common enemy."

"I promise you there is something all of you agree on is bad. Take some time to have compassion and understanding, these are your family members," she recommends. 

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