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Sky High Love: Couple Married for 40 Years Gets Second 'Wedding' Aboard Plane

Playing Sky High Love: Couple Married for 40 Years Gets Second 'Wedding' Aboard Plane

One couple’s love continues to reach new heights as they had a "wedding ceremony" aboard a Southwest Airlines flight.

Dennis and Bonnie were celebrating their 40thanniversary aboard the flight from Baltimore to San Diego when Bonnie strutted down the aisle to her beau on a plane full of passengers.

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In a video posted to the Southwest Twitter, a flight attendant makes the announcement of the nuptials over the intercom.

“We’re about to have a wedding here on Southwest Airlines,” she says. “We have our bride back here. She’s going to walk down the aisle to her husband of 40 years.”

Bonnie, clad in a veil of toilet paper that the crew made, walks from the back of the plane to meet her husband before they greet each other with a kiss.

All the while a flight attendant plays wedding music, with her iPhone to the intercom.

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“Our flight crews often celebrate, commemorate, acknowledge and share in special moments with our customers,” a Southwest spokesperson told “In this particular instance, our customers were traveling in celebration of their 40th wedding anniversary — heading out for a second honeymoon.

"When our flight attendants learned of this, they had the idea that in addition to creating a veil, as they often do for customers who are traveling for their wedding or anniversary, they would also do a wedding march during the flight. They took it a step further—making a bridal bouquet in a coffee cup, with blue toilet paper flowers for ‘something blue.’ They made the groom a boutonniere for his shirt.”

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