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Close Encounters of the Shark Kind: Man Filming as Great White Circles Him

Playing Close Encounters of the Shark Kind: Man Filming as Great White Circles Him

A California paddleboarder got the fright of his life as a shark came swimming near him.

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Frank Nielsen attached a GoPro camera to his paddle and his forehead and captured some amazing footage Thursday as a great white shark was circling him off the shore of Long Beach.

He posted the footage on his website,

In addition, news crews shot Nielsen as the beast passed under him.

"I wouldn't be just dangling my feet in there, I could think it is a fish then I have a bad day," he said. 

Sightings of great whites in California are on the rise as experts say warmer ocean temperatures are keeping the great whites from migrating further south to Mexico like they usually do.

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A sheriff’s deputy took to the air and used a loudspeaker to warn of the grave danger lurking below.

Warning signs have been posted along the southern California coastline and beaches will be closed if sharks larger than 8 feet are spotted.

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