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Michele Bachmann’s Hairdo Makes Headlines

They're calling it 'The Bachmann' - Michele Bachmann's signature hairstyle.
The bouncy ‘do with subtle highlights is getting almost as much attention as her politics!

"Everybody loves her hairstyle, which is parted way to the right," joked David Letterman referring to Bachmann's right-leaning political views.

Just like Sarah Palin's famous updo, women, and yes, even Democrats, are lining up to get the outspoken presidential candidate's cut.

Judy Goss, founder of, stopped by hairstylist Angelo David's New York salon for a Bachmann makeover.

"It's classic, it's clean, I don't know any woman who wouldn't want it," said Goss.

David said, "[Women] between 30 and 55 are requesting this look."

"If you look at her silhouette it goes from short to long - you can have two looks," said Angelo David.

Angelo starts with a quick trim and then blow-dries Goss's hair into "The Bachmann."  But how does the candidate stay so polished campaign stop after campaign stop?

David says the trick is a lot of hairspray to hold it in place, which makes it more conservative.

It's a classic look that's really catching on. Just ask David Letterman, who showed his audience a picture of Donald Trump that had been Photoshopped with Bachmann's hairdo on Trump's head.

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