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Seal Beach Salon Massacre 911 Calls Released

Just-released 911 calls reveal the sheer terror as a mad gunman shoots eight people dead at a hair salon.

Caller: "There's a shooting next door."
911: "Did you hear the shooting?"
Caller: "Yeah, a hair stylist came in and said somebody's shooting with a gun."

In another salon just two doors away, Kim Criswell showed INSIDE EDITION how she barricaded her staff and customers in a tiny bathroom.

Caller: "Are all our doors locked?"
911: "And how many shots did you hear?"
Caller: "He's still shooting right now! We need somebody here like right now!"
911: "Do we know who the shooter is?"
Caller: "We think we do. One of the hair stylist's husband."
911: "You guys need to shut the doors and hide somewhere, okay?"

The gunman, Scott Dekraai, wore a twisted smile in a mugshot taken after his bloody rampage in Seal Beach, California.

Police say he killed his ex-wife, Michelle, and seven other innocent victims in a fit of rage because he feared losing custody of his eight-year-old son.

One panicked 911 call came from inside the hair salon itself. A customer barricaded in a back room speaks in a low whisper and the 911 operator can barely hear her.

911: "He's still inside? When was the last time you heard a gunshot?"
Caller: "Not that long."
911: "Not that long ago. What room are you in? I can't hear you."
Caller: "A facial room."
911: "A facial room, okay. Can you lock the door? Do you know if he came there in a car? Okay, he just walked in and started shooting."

Another woman could be heard sobbing and pleading for help as her companion calls 911.

Caller: "Please help us."
911: "911 emergency."
Caller: "Yes, uh, we had a shooting here. We're in Seal Beach."
911: "You don't know where the suspect is?"
Caller: "We don't know. We're in the bathroom in our salon, hiding."
911: "Okay, we're on our way."

Cops reached the shooting scene five minutes after the first 911 call and can be seen arresting the gunman in a dramatic cell phone video.

One hysterical bystander in the parking lot who witnessed the murderous ramage called 911.

911: "Did you see the person who was doing the shooting?"
Caller: "I got a look at him. Not a real good look, but I got a look."
911: "You need to stop screaming, I can't understand you."
Caller: "I'm sorry."
911: "Oh, I know, it's very scary and so we do have police and paramedics on the way."
Caller: "I'm hiding behind a car in the parking lot."
911: "We're on our way."

The district attorney has said he will seek the death penalty against Dekraai.

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