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Grandmother Shoots Intruder While on 911 Call

A granny was alone in her home in Northern California. It was 4:00 am, and a creepy looking guy was lurking outside her home.

66-year-old Donna Hopper was terrified, but determined to defend herself, so she went to get her gun while calling 911.

911 Operator: "He's banging on the window?"
Hopper: "Um-hmm."
911 Operator: "Ok. Ok."
Hopper: "I've got a gun. I'm gonna get my gun out."
911 Operator: "Ma'am, what are you arming yourself with?"
Hopper: "Oh god, I just bought it. It's a .38."

She fired two warning shots at 37-year-old Jesse Theis. Turns out, he's got a a long list of felonies, and a scary resemblance to Charles Manson.

He went away. But then in a scene right out of a movie, he came back.

Hopper: "He's coming back! I can see his shadow! He's coming into to my front yard. Oh god! He's coming through the window! I'm gonna shoot him again!
911 Operator: "No, ma'am, don't."
Hopper: "He's right there. I'm gonna shoot him."
911 Operator: "No. Ma'am don't. The officers are in the area. I don't want you to fire your gun."
Hopper: "He's coming through the window! Hurry up! He's coming in! He's coming in!"
911 Operator: "Is he coming into the house?"
Hopper: "Yes. I got him!"
911 Operator: "You shot him again?"
Hoppper: 'Yes, I did."
911 Opreator: "You shot him again? Or you shot at him?"
Hopper: "Yes, I shot him a third. He's coming through the [blanking] window! Ok, I shot him. Two shots. Oh my god! He's on the ground."

As Hopper waited for the cops, the gravity of what she's done hit her.

Hopper: "I'm standing in the front, and I see lights coming."
911 Operator: "Can you walk to the front door?"
Hopper: "Yes. Oh god, I hope it's nobody I know. Oh my god! God!"

Authorities say Donna Hopper did the right thing. They say by breaking in at 4:00 am, the suspect obviously knew she was probably home, and may have wanted to hurt her.

The intruder died of his wounds.

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