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Casey Anthony Wants $750,000 for Interview

Want to interview Casey Anthony? It will cost you a mind-blowing $750,000.

Casey Anthony has teamed up with a Los Angeles-based TV producer to shop a "no-holds-bared interview." But, no television network is willing to pay the hefty $750,000 fee.

Discovery Communications and A&E Networks have both passed on the interview. ABC News, CBS News, and NBC News are all adamant that they will not pay for an interview with the 24-year-old Anthony.

One reason networks are skittish is that they don't want any association with the woman said to be America's most-hated, even though she was acquitted in the death of her daughter.

Matthew Belloni of The Hollywood Reporter told INSIDE EDITION, "The sort of stigma attached to a Casey Anthony interview is extremely strong. Viewers do not like her and any perception that she's going to benefit financially from something that she's doing a TV network will be met with outrage by viewers."

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