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Barefoot Bandit Sentenced in Court

It's the day of reckoning for the "Barefoot Bandit."

Dressed in an organge prison jumpsuit, Colton Harris-Moore appeared contrite as he plead guilty to his nearly two-year crime spree.

The list of charges went on and on. It took so long to read the charges, even Harris-Moore grew impatient and said to his attorney, "How long do you think this is going to take?"

When he was on the loose, the teenage renegade became a national sensation as he taunted autorities across eight states by leaving behind his signature, hand-drawn "Barefoot Bandit" footprints.

He stole a private plane, even though he had never taken a flying lesson in his life, and flew to the Bahamas and crash landed in a swamp. Surveillance footage showed him just before his arrest on a dock in the Bahamas, running for his life, barefoot of course.

Harris-Moore was captured last year and brought back to Washington state where his crime spree began.

The courtroom was packed with Harris-Moore's victims—people whose homes and businesses he had broken into. Harris-Moore listened to their dramatic testimony with his head lowered in shame. A far cry from the cocky teenager who wreaked havoc across the nation.

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