One Family Claims Powerball Winnings, Who is the Other Lucky Winner?

One Family Claims Powerball Winnings, Who is the Other Lucky Winner?

Airdate: 11/30/2012

The family with the winning ticket in the historic half-billion-dollar Powerball jackpot is the toast of the nation.

Cindy and Mark Hill, their adorable six-year-old adopted daughter from China, and their three grown-up sons went public Friday.

Little Jaiden stole the show when she was asked what she wants for Christmas now that they're rich beyond their dreams.

She said she wanted a pony.

Cindy and Mark Hill live in the tiny town of Dearborn, Kansas. The population is 496. They were both unemployed until Mark got a job at the local meat packing plant a year ago.

"Have you worked your last day at your job?" one reporter asked.

"Yes," Mark laughed.

Little Jaiden, who couldn't suppress a yawn despite all the excitement, was adopted from China five years ago.

"We felt we had a lot to offer. Obviously, we got a great child," said Mark.

The family says they are big Kansas City Royals baseball fan. Incredibly, the winning numbers match the numbers of six of the team's greatest stars:

#5 - George Brett

#6 - Willie Wilson

#16 - Bo Jackson

#22 - Dennis Leonard

#23 - Mark Gubicza

#29 - Dan Quisenberry.

"We love the Royals," said Cindy.

Earlier reports that the numbers were picked for their favorite players turned out to be wrong. It was all  just a coincidence.

Meanwhile, there is a surveillance video that has surfaced that possibly reveals the actual moment the other big winner realizes he's suddenly worth a fortune.

A guy in fluorescent construction gear fished for his ticket out of his pocket. He flinched as if he couldn't believe what he's seeing. He handed the ticket to the cashier to verify the numbers, and then he joyously shared the amazing news with everyone around him.

The only problem is the video was shot at a store in Maryland, but it has been said the second winning ticket was sold in Arizona.

But a man who was in the Maryland store at the time and saw the man's ticket claims, “It was legit.”

"He gave me the ticket and said, 'Did I really win?' It was an Arizona ticket with the winning numbers on it," said the man.

Powerball officials are skeptical until someone actually comes forward with the second winning ticket.

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