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Pesky Fly Intrudes On President Obama's Speech

It's the latest buzz from the White House as a pesky fly interrupts the president.

The President said, "This guy's bothering me!"

The fly landed smack in the middle of President Obama's forehead when he was nominating a new leader for the Securities and Exchange Commission.

This fly was lucky. The president waved him away, and off he flew.

You'll remember another fly that wasn't so lucky when he crossed the president's path.

It happened during a White House interview with MSNBC in 2009. When that fly landed, the president took aim, and got him.

President Obama swatted the fly and said, "That was pretty impressive, wasn't it? I got the sucker!"

But, this time, the fly got away, proving that even the head of the free world is powerless to stop a fly from landing on his head.  

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