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Meet The Youngest Mayor In America

Bobby Tufts is the youngest mayor in America.

Four-year-old Tufts isn't just playing around, he’s really mayor.

He lives in the resort town of Dorsett, Minnesota. The town has a population of 20 in winter and then 5,000 in summer.

Being mayor in Dorsett may be a ceremonial position, but this youngster has campaigned like a pro.

His mother said, “He wanted to win.”

He proved to be a natural. He even passed out campaign buttons. His girlfriend Sophia campaigned for him and needless to say he courted the female vote.
He ran on a simple campaign platform, which was ice cream for everyone.

On the day of the election, with jars and boxes stuffed with ballots for Tufts, the random drawing was just about a forgone conclusion. He won.

He may not get an office or even a salary, but he does seem to have his sights set on higher office.

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