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Tiger Woods's Neighbor Says the Golfer is a Jerk

As if he didn't have enough problems, Tiger Woods's next-door neighbor has now turned on him.

"He's a jerk!" says Jerome Adams in a new video. "He's not real. He's not true. The person that you know is just a crafted image crafted by the individuals that are on his team, his staff."

Adams lives next-door to the golf superstar in a fancy gated community in Orlando, Florida. He has made a pay-per-download video about what life next door to Woods is really like.

On, Adams says Woods was a rude and obnoxious neighbor.

In the video, Adams even challenges the claim Woods made at his apology-filled press conference that "There has never been an episode of domestic violence in [he and Elin's] marriage."

Adams claims he witnessed Woods actually shove wife Elin in the driveway when she kept him waiting. "I walk out onto the balcony and what I see are Tiger and Elin having an argument," Adams says.

Adams also claims Woods has tried to stop him from making the video.

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