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Sandwich Board Guy Gets a Job!

Things are finally looking up for the guy who became a symbol of the economic crisis.

61-year-old Paul Nawrocki was out of work for two years and became famous for wearing a sandwich board proclaiming he was "Almost Homeless" as he desperately handed out resumes in New York City.

It was a scene right out of the Great Depression.

But now Nawrocki has a brand new job and a brand new look. He changed his appearance on the advice of a job coach who thought his mustache made him look old.

It helped him land a job as Operations Manager with the Fantasma Toy Company, which sells toys and magic tricks.

"I feel like a tremendous burden has been lifted, the stress level is so much less than it was. It feels great. The first couple days coming back were a little strange because I'd been away for so long," says Nawrocki.

Even though his new salary is half of what it used to be, he says it's a big relief after collecting unemployment for 99 straight weeks.

Now he walks around New York with a spring in his step and without that notorious sandwich board.

"Actually being back at work is really, really uplifting," Nawrocki says.

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