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Sarah Ferguson Begs Forgiveness, Blames Alcohol

"There aren't really very many words to describe an act of gross stupidity, said Sarah Ferguson.

Fergie talked to Oprah about that notorious video showing her agreeing to a $750,000 bribe.

"It is extraordinary to see it and I will embrace it.  I will beg for forgiveness," Fergie said.

She watched the secretly recorded tape with Oprah.  She claims it was the first time she had seen it all. While it was playing she could be heard saying she was drunk.

"I sound absolute drunk," Fergie said,

She told Oprah she had been drinking at her meeting with a journalist posing as a businessman.  The video shows a $200 bottle of wine on the table.

"I was in the gutter at that moment.  I'd been drinking, I was not in my right state."

She appeared exhausted during the interview taped in a hotel in Beverly Hills.  Her eyes were red from crying.  She said she is millions of dollars in debt and close to bankruptcy.

"I have through my actions hurt millions of people.  My family first and foremost."

She revealed she was with her daughter, 21-year-old Princess Beatrice, in the south of France when the news of the sting broke.

"She just looked at me with those big eyes and said, 'mom, why did they do this' and I said, 'well, in a way, why did I do it to myself?'" Fergie confessed.


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