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Notre Dame Football Player Becomes Latest Ridiculously Photogenic Man

Cam McDaniel is the ridiculously photogenic college football player thanks to a photo of McDaniel, a running back for Notre Dame, that was snapped right in the middle of a game.

His helmet was knocked off in a pile-up. But somehow, while being tackled, he managed to give his sexiest look right into the camera.

The photo has become a viral sensation, inspiring funny captions like, “Scores touchdown. Wins America’s Next Top Model!”

He is the latest entry into the photogenic Hall of Fame.

It all started with the ridiculously photogenic marathon runner. Then there was the ridiculously good looking surgery baby, and who can forget the ridiculously photogenic jiu-jitsu guy.

McDaniel is embracing his new found fame, but ladies, we're sorry to reveal he's spoken for. He's got a gorgeous fiancée, Stephani Sterrett, who's quite photogenic herself.

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