Student Surprised With Scholarship From University

Student Surprised With Scholarship From University

College senior James Montgomery got the surprise of his life when his basketball coach announced he was getting a full scholarship for his final year at Northwestern University.

His coach Chris Collins said, “James is the hardest worker and he really deserves this.”

The first thing James did was call his mom and sister to share the great news. The university videotaped the moment.

He said, “They told me I got a scholarship in front of the team."

His mother could be heard reacting with pure joy in the background.

Coach Collins told INSIDE EDITION, “This is one of those feel good pieces. This kid, he is an engineering major. All he pretty much does is engineering and basketball. To see him be rewarded, I think everyone across America, kind of brought a tear to everyone's eyes."

In that video that's gone viral, you could see how much James was relishing the surprise and now, it was mom's turn.  

Rochelle Montgomery flew from her home in Santa Monica, California. She surprised her son at his first game of the year. She peeked out from under the benches waiting for the perfect moment to yell the nickname she has for James. She calls him "Beast."

James told INSIDE EDITION, “I am like, ‘Who is this crazy person yelling my name?’ I looked up again and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, it's mom!’”

Rochelle watched from the stands as Northwestern beat Lewis University 57-46.  
An amazing night for James, and afterwards, it was time for a big embrace with his mom who couldn't be prouder.