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Boy Survives Fall From 17th Floor Balcony

4-year-old Joey Williams may be the luckiest kid in the world. He's alive and well, despite a fall from this 17th floor balcony in Miami, Florida.

"That's truly a miracle," says Joey's grandfather, Jerry Uwnawich.

An eyewitness called 911.

911 Operator: "Is he conscious right now?"
Caller: "Yeah he is, he's crying."
911 Operator: "He's crying, that's good, okay so he's breathing. Is he completely awake and alert?"
Caller: "Yeah."

"I was expecting broken arms, limbs...the kid was waving his hands! He actually wanted to get up and walk away!" Uwnawich says.
So how could Joey have survived such a fall?

First, a palm tree broke his fall on the 10th floor. Then he bounced onto bushes, and finally landed on a tiny patch of dirt...narrowly missing sprinklers. His total drop was 80 feet.

Joey was rushed to Holtz Children's Hospital at Jackson Memorial, where his injuries turned out to be a few scratches and bruises. He's temporarily wearing a neck brace as a precaution.

Even in his hospital bed, Joey seemed ready for another adventure!

"It went from a tragedy to a miracle...thank God for small miracles," says Uwnawich.

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