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Rude Airline Passengers

Just what you need at 30,000 feet, a loud crowd of guys, drinking and singing!

Or, how about a pair of bare feet right at your elbow?

And, how'd you like to be sitting next to a shirtless passenger, who apparently mistook the plane for a beach?

These images of airline passengers behaving rudely are now part of a social media campaign that's gaining altitude by the minute. It's called “Passenger Shaming,” the brainstorm of a flight attendant who's encouraging people to post photos of the things that bother them in the un-friendly skies. The response? Well, it's really taking off!

The "Passenger Shaming," Facebook page has racked up more than 20,000 "likes" for revealing un-likeable passenger behavior through images and videos.

Some of the pictures include: A diaper thrown on the floor, a man casually trimming his fingernails in his seat, and a woman who let her hair down right over a passenger's TV screen.

One flight attendant even found a set of false teeth in a seat pocket!

So, the next time you're on a plane, think twice before you make yourself too comfortable, because you're just one click away from fame, and shame!

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