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Kapow! Superhero Melee Caught on Video

It's an epic battle of superheroes, and its not a movie. Mr. Incredible lunges at BatGirl, and she claws right back. Then Chewbacca, Waldo, and Freddy Kreuger come to her aid.

But he's not giving up. Mr. Incredible goes after BatGirl again, punching her and throwing her to the ground!

It takes a regular guy to step in and stop the fight. Hey! Let’s call him, Captain Everyman!

The bizzare brawl was caught on camera by on famed Hollywood Boulevard, where actors dressed as superheros pose for pictures, in exchange for tips.

No one knows what sparked the hullabaloo, but let's hope these guys can sort out their differences and focus on what's really important, protecting the world from evil.

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