This Paddleboarding Chicken Lives a Better Life Than You

One-year-old chicken Loretta loves being with her owner, Karly, and that includes when the Florida Keys resident hops on her board. Karly loves getting out on the water and says it was only natural to bring Loretta along with her while she paddleboards. T

High school senior Kyana Chevalier walked into a classroom with a handmade sign and popped the question. Her date, John, has Down syndrome. She invited him because wanted to make sure he had someone to go to the dance with.'s Leigh Schep

Woman Checks In to Pet-Friendly Motel With Her Horse

Horse riding coach Lindsey Partridge was on her way to a competition with her thoroughbred, Blizz, when they stopped for the night. The Super 8 Motel she picked clearly has a very loose pet policy, as it only cost $10 bucks to bring Blizz inside. InsideEd

Women Busted for Bank Robbery While Dressed as Nuns: Cops

A couple of young women who were allegedly in the habit of holding up banks while in costume have been charged, officials said. The FBI says 19-year-old Swahilys Pedraza-Rodriguez and 23-year-old Melissa Aquino Arias attempted to rob a bank in Pennsylvani

She's the hero college student who fled the wildfires while carrying her 70 pound dog in a duffle bag on her bike! For the first time, Natasha Wallace is showing the remarkable steps she took to save her beloved dog, Bentley. When the deadly northern Cali