Fisherman Ron Ingraham Lost at Sea Again, Months After Dramatic Sea Rescue

Five months ago, fisherman Ron Ingraham was rescued after surviving 12 days adrift at sea and considered dead. Now he's lost at sea again.

Ron Ingraham is lost at sea again and this time he may be gone forever.

Ron is the fisherman who was given up for dead and then miraculously rescued just five months ago.

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Now, astonishingly, he is missing for a second time.

The fishing boat he was on has been found smashed to pieces after hitting a reef in Hawaii.

His son is praying for a miracle for a second time.

INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent said to Ron’s son, Zak, “The story is unbelievable, your father goes missing at sea, he's rescued when they had given him up for dead, and now it's happened again.”

“Yeah, unbelievable,” said Zak.

Hard to believe, but back in December, Ron made front-page news following his rescue after twelve days adrift on his crippled boat, with no food or water.

Ron and his long-lost son, Zak, were reunited after two decades of zero contact.

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Zak said, “I got to spend ten days with my dad after the last time. Being reunited as a family, for those 10 days, it meant a lot. My son got to meet his grandfather. He really is an amazing person.”

Now, dad is once again lost at sea. 

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